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     ACC provides licensed, professional, year round child care for our participants, in a safe and convenient environment at an affordable cost. An emphasis is placed on honesty and companionship among all children attending ACC. There is also emphasis on physical activity through the use of the school's facilities and other facilities in the area.

       Common sense is a requirement for all ACC staff members. You can rest assured that the people that you have trusted with your children can not only entertain them but can think on their feet. In short your kids will be safe and have fun.

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    Hello ACC families,  I am writing to let everyone know of my upcoming departure from ACC.  Most of you have been aware of this for several weeks.  It’s important to me that each of you know what a significant part of my life ACC has been.  Hopefully you haven’t noticed, but over the past few years I haven’t been as motivated to enact and follow through on new and exciting ideas that have always been so critical to keep ACC fun and exciting for the kids.  For that reason and a few personal opportunities,  this has become the appropriate time for me to say goodbye.

    Deb Evans, and Staci Hertz have formed a partnership and will be taking over officially the first of September.  They have already made a few changes, and once they get going; I’m sure you’ll notice the positive new energy that they will bring to all the ACC locations.  In addition, I get to stay on as a consultant for a number of years.

    I will miss the bantering around with your kids.  I will miss stopping in and getting them all riled up then leaving them for the directors to calm down. I love what ACC has become, and everyone who has been a part of it.  If you would like to follow my new adventures (I truly don’t  know what they will be at this time), feel free to friend me on Facebook.  

Thank you all for trusting me with your kids.

Tom Feagans